Oregon Boundary Question

Oregon Boundary Question
   D Settled in 1846, 27; occupation of the Columbia by the Astorians made basis of United States claims, 72; Oregon Treaty, 1846, 114; fundamental elements of dispute, 147-149; the Spanish title, 148; the collision at Nootka, 148; Gray's exploit strengthens United States claim, 148; negotiations between Great Britain and the United States, 149-150; United States flag raised over Astoria, 150; agreement of Oct. 20, 1818, 151; Florida Treaty, 1819, and the Spanish title in the west, 153; negotiations reopened at London, 154; attitude of British and American governments, 154; compromise of 1827, 155; popular feeling in United States, 156; "fifty-four forty or fight," 157; arbitration refused, 157; 49th parallel proposed by Britain as boundary, 157; analyses of opposing claims, 159-168; mutual ignorance concerning Oregon, 169-170; British and American diplomacy, 171-172; negotiations and treaty of 1846, 275; history of the dispute, 276-283. BL Treaty removes any immediate prospect of rupture with the United States, 272. E Threatening aspect of dispute leads to selection of a military governor; Lord Cathcart, 38; settlement of, 40. Md Settled by treaty of June 15, 1846, 178.
   Bib.: Lit. Amer. Hist.; Kingsford, History of Canada; Nicolay, Oregon Territory; Gray, History of Oregon; Hodgins, British and American Diplomacy Affecting Canada; Begg, History of British Columbia; Schafer, History of the Pacific North-West; History and Digest of International Arbitrations to which United States has been a Party; Egerton, Canada.

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